Friday, November 6, 2009

Gate, OK

As we travel through Oklahoma on a business trip, we were able to stop in Gate, OK. We found some very interesting pictures and museum. They have a store that is run by the museum at this time, although they were looking for someone to run it for them. Had a nice big glass of tea at the small cafe. The stories that we were told of a town taking over and running the bad guys out of the terrority were very interesting. The bank vault still stands today, they have made a small park area out of it. It was a fun town to visit.

Fort Sill, Lawton, OK

Our Business Women's group was given a tour of the Fort Sill Base. Our tour guide was wonderful. She was in a medical company and had been to Iran. We started our tour with the educational center. They really want our troops to have their education, they will even help them to plan a small business for when they leave. Leaving there we went to the parade grounds where the Field Artillery Half Section, gave a demonstration. They even fired the cannon for us. They did a wonderful job. We then went to the mess hall for lunch with some of the women officers. They were very good about answering our questions. After lunch we toured the barracks, where we saw the art work that they had on the walls and floors. They have some very talented people there. We then went to visit the dogs. They train the dogs in taking down a fleeing person, bomb detection, and drug detection. These people do a lot for us that we don't know about. Thank you goes out to our troops.