Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mountians Oklahoma Style

March madness is upon us! A weekend getaway seemed the thing to do. So we took our new Challenger on a trip to the mountains. Oklahoma Mountains, that is!

The view from the road up was pretty amazing!

The road up Mt. Scott is a fun ride. It circles around with breathtaking views of the landscape below. There are lots of places to pull out of the lane of traffic and take pictures. We also noted a lot of hikers and climbers in the rocks and one group even had their dog with them on the climb.

The road seemed popular to motorcyclists too, and even one brave soul on a bicycle (no motor).

Back on ground level we saw a lot of longhorn cattle and some Buffalo grazing in open range. We stopped for longhorn crossing more than once!
The Wichita Mountain Park has a nice visitor center for a refreshing stop. We also noted a location for prairie dog watching that seemed to be popular with the young park visitors.

Earlier in the day we stopped at Quartz Mountain park, also a pretty place. This was the view from a walking bridge that lead from the lodge to an arts and cultural center.

We really enjoyed this area of Oklahoma, as always there is something to see and do in our great state. So next time you get a yearning for mountains, go Oklahoma Style!