Monday, March 18, 2013

San Diego September 2011

Back in Time, September 2011. yep, it's been awhile since I posted about travels and I have a lot of catching up to do. San Diego seemed like a good place to start. Every year my real job with the Oklahoma Small Business Development Center presents an opportunity for travel somewhere I've never been when we have our national conference. 
2011 was San Diego, a city I'd wanted to travel to for a long time. We were at a hotel right on the bay, looking out the window of my room I saw the bridge to Coronado and the many boats in the bay. 

besides the beautiful view of the bay there were streets lined with palms.
along the walk beside the bay there were so many cute shops and places to eat! 

 and checking this off the bucket list was the walk down the bay side to the USS Midway. 
I also got quite a kick out of the Kissing Sailor!                                        

                                    While we were there one of the exciting things that happened ......
the lights went out! a large area of southern California was in the dark with only emergency lighting. This is the outside cafe area where we ate cold sandwiches by torch light!

All in all San Diego was an exciting place to visit. I took a ride on a sea taxi but that's another story!