Friday, August 27, 2010

Shorty's at Buffalo, OK

Shorty's Cafe in Buffalo Ok is a new restaurant, located on highway 64 on the south side of town. Deven has spent about a year renovating the old LaMunyon Cafe and the end result is well worth the wait!

We stopped for lunch recently and had some amazing food! Pictured here is the Philly Steak Sandwich with some yummy onion rings.

This is a steak sandwich, heavy on the steak, light on the bun! And while it was very good, I couldn't eat the whole thing, so go there with your appetite firmly charged up!

yes, this is real size!

Shorty's has done an awesome job with the decor inside as well, setting an old western theme that includes a neat poster of the Sons of the Pioneers and good ole' western swing music playing quietly in the background. The walls have an aged appearance and the bathrooms are unique. I won't tell you, you, you just have to go see for yourself!
Shorty's is open for lunch and dinner most days. Deven tells me she is still working to set hours that will meet her customer's needs. If you are passing through Buffalo watch for Shorty's Cafe and stop in for a great meal!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cherokee, Ok

As, I travel through Red Carpet Country, I am continually amazed at the new places that I am finding. The newest find is The Farmer's Table. It has been open about 4 months. It is a deli sandwich shop, with a daily specials, comfortable little place, located in Cherokee, it is one block to the west behind the library off of Main street. It is owned by Doyce Hager and his wife Rachel. Some of in this area may remember Doyce, he was our Schwan's delivery man for several years. They seem to be enjoying a booming business and the food was great. Good Luck to Doyce and his wife.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Traveling Woods County

I have been traveling for Red Carpet Country selling ads for next years visitors guide. In my travels I have been to the Sod House, Aline, Ok. The changes they have made are really great so if you haven't been there in a while it is a good place for a day trip. They have added a lot of items to the building and have many more ideas to come.
Another place that I visited was Freedom, OK, their museum is really wonderful. See the historical bones that were found near Freedom, and other items that people have donated to them, things that made the trip in the run possibly. Some at least came in the covered wagons. It is another wonderful day trip.
Sorry, no pics for this trip, maybe the next great place that I visit I will be able to take some pics. There is a lot of great places to visit right here in Woods County or close by. You will be able to take your kids somewhere before school starts again and give them a little history while they enjoy it. Happy traveling.