Monday, April 11, 2011

Arcadia OK

Took a road trip to Arcadia. First stop was Pop's famous for the many flavors of pop! When we got there the awning first caught our eye. Note there are no support beams at the outside end of that canopy! The wind was typical Oklahoma wind the day we were there, probably gusting to 40 mph. so it must be structurally sound!
The walls are glass so that when you walk up you can see all of the different bottles of pop gleaming on shelves in the windows. Inside or out side, the color are bright and cheerful and we enjoyed walking around and checking out the different labels.

the big bottle outside is pretty cool. At night it is all lit up and attracts passers by.
The sign says Please do not climb on the bottle, and of course we know "someone" can't ever resist a chance to do it anyway!

Enjoyed the day with a good friend Jim Waldrop from Laverne!

This is the famous round barn in Arcadia. The entire bottom floor is a museum with the history of the barn told in pictures and story by the "barn man".

The top floor is used for dances and parties. Great structure, solid wood, nice view out the windows!

the grounds surrounding the barn have a lot of interesting things to see too. The guys found this old outhouse humorous! there is a sign that says out of order to keep visitors from trying to use it!

Just a couple of the old cars we saw while we were looking around! Quite a collection of old farm equipment as well.
Not old classics but what I like to call NEW CLASSICS, Jim's Mustang and our new Challenger were fun to drive on the trip.
Take a trip to Arcadia, the burgers at Pop's are very good, the selection of "pops" is virtually endless and the Round Barn and its history are well worth the trip!