Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Home Town Pride

Most of the time I think I have to travel somewhere to find interesting and cool things to see. This time I stayed right at home in Waynoka and watched a community really come together to get ready for company.

Every five years Waynoka hosts an all school alumni reunion. 2010 is the year everyone comes home. Our local chamber took a look around and tried to see the town through the eyes of a visitor. We needed some pizzaz! All of the light poles in the downtown area were in sad need of some paint, so we started with a paint the pole party. No theme, no assigned design or even pole, though downtown businesses were given the opportunity to adopt the pole nearest their business. We thought we would have a hard time getting the downtown square done before the reunion on Labor Day weekend. Artists came from everywhere to share their talents, some didn't even live "in town" but in the larger farming community we share. NO two poles are alike, everyone brought their own ideas to the pole.

What an awesome sight, Tuesday night when I locked up the liquor store to go home at 9 p.m. there were people everywhere still painting on their poles! We ran out of downtown poles to adopt, so we are reaching further out in the community. I got some pictures of the poles and in a few instances the people painting.

Our little town will have something new and creative to see, both for the returning alumni and for our tourists who will be starting the fall season at Little Sahara.


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