Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Groom Texas

 Groom Texas is just off I-40 east of Amarillo about 40 miles. Visible for miles leading up to it, is this huge white cross, standing 191 feet in the air. We's seen the cross while traveling I-40 several times and never took the time to really stop and see what was there. Surrounding the cross, in life size detail is the story of the crucification of our Lord Jesus Christ.

At each of the stations there is a marker describing the scene. The realism of the figures was pretty amazing.

The property also has a nice visitor center, this beautiful circular fountain area with seating that invites visitors to stop and sit awhile and contemplate what they have just seen.

The wind was blowing about 50 mph from the south the day we were there, made it difficult to spend as much time in the open air as we would have liked. But having experienced the first visit I have no doubt that we will go back one day to spend a little more time.

High on a hill overlooking this circle of the story of Jesus's suffering and death stands three crosses.

I took a couple short video clips and they will be posted on my facebook page. Find me: Jeanne Maras Cole and check them out!

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