Sunday, May 19, 2013

Jackson Minnesota's Flower Market!

Last weekend I went to visit my Mom for her birthday, May 9 and for Mother's Day. My normal routine is to call the local flower shop there, Jackson's Flower Market, and order something to be delivered every year. Since I was going to be there in person, it seemed a good time to visit the place and see for myself all that they had to offer.

Normally Dave Stubbe or one of his crew makes the selection for me, a relatively easy task, or so I imagined. Well, when I actually made that on site visit I quickly found out how difficult it could be! The green house area seemed endless to me! This is just one side! On the other end was what they called the "selling room" where customers could take a stroll and make selections.

This beautiful selection of a mixed masterpiece of blooms was my final choice. My hat is off to this business. They make that difficult decision for me every year and choose the perfect  gift for Mother's Day, according to my Mom, and she's the one whose opinion counts in the end. As for me, I plan to continue to use this shop for many (I hope) years yet to come, and visit when I can. Thanks to the Flower Market in Jackson Minnesota for the great customer service!

They do have a facebook page and you can go and like them at 

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