Monday, April 20, 2009

Hutchinson Kansas started my blog

All of this started when I was invited by Becky McCray to go along on a FAM tour to Hutchinson Kansas. What is a FAM tour, you ask? Familiarization is the FAM, tour you should get! Designed to bring in people who can influence their (not your) tourism target market, the tour provided free lodging and meals and entry to the attractions they wanted to promote. Never one to pass up a trip (free or otherwise, but especially free) to somewhere new, I took some annual leave days from the OSBDC and packed a bag.
Bloggers were invited and came from Iowa, Oklahoma, and Texas and of course Kansas. Not just “travel bloggers” but a mix of interested people who just love to write and share what they know and see and learn with others. This is the think outside the box theory times 8 or 10. This is the “decide who will tell my story” and this is “finding those experts who want to tell others”. The group was diverse not only in where they came from, but a mix of male and female, young and old with a common twitter connection.
So in the coming days I will be posting about Hutchinson, what I saw, did and most importantly what I learned about tourism promotion from @codyks on twitter.

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  1. Congratulations on the new blog! I'm glad you went with me, and I hope you share tons of ideas here. :)