Monday, April 20, 2009

Kansas Cosmosphere

We were scheduled to visit the Cosmosphere space museum first. When I first walked in I was simply amazed. Then I thought, why do they need help promoting this? Everyone should already know; but I didn’t, so that theory was quickly shot down. We spent most of an afternoon there and then went back the next morning for more. Honestly, I could have spent several days there and not grown tired of what I was seeing, and I am NOT a space nut at all. In fact if you had asked me before I actually saw this place, I would not have said it was on my top 20 list of places to see.

Cosmosphere CEO Chris Orwoll gave the guided tour himself, so we knew it was important to him. We were treated just like VIP’s while we toured the facility. This is an amazing place, and they have Future Astronaut Training Programs that include trips to both Johnson and Kennedy space centers for the youth in the programs. Follow Chris @cosmosphereCEO on Twitter. Check out their web site and if you are in the area, stop for a day to tour or an hour for Coffee at the Cosmos where you can get upclose to space artifacts.

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