Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I - 70 Diner near Flagler CO

This rotating pink Cadillac gets your attention as you cruise down I-70 going either direction. We first saw it headed west on our way to Denver and decided to stop on the way back to check it out.
The diner was moved to this site in pieces about 30 years ago! The history and photos of construction phases is posted in the entryway. The interior is strictly 50's and fun to spend some time just walking around and looking at the pictures on the wall.

We were between meals when we got there so didn't get to sample the food, but if smell is an indication, I bet it is pretty good!

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  1. Have enjoyed looking at your photos on these posts. Brought back memories of a trip across country with a couple of friends many, many, ok, many decades ago. We did not have the money or the desire to see the big cities, so we saw small towns and local hangouts and of course a few major tourists spots. I bet you all had a great time. Keep traveling.