Saturday, March 6, 2010

Monument Rock

South of Oakley Kansas is a natural wonder! Now, I found this by looking in the Kansas State Travel Guide, a great picture of some unique rock formations, said to have formed when the area was ocean floor. This I gotta see, so we took a short (we thought) detour from our planned route home from Denver. We traveled south of Oakley on a nice highway about 20 miles, then there it was, the sign that is! Monument Rock, 8 miles east, on a road best traveled by 4 wheel drive farm trucks. Well I was not to be denied and my trusty PT Cruiser pretended it was a Dodge truck and down the road we went, crossing several cattle guards and navigating washes and sand pits in the road. And find it we did! I personally felt like it was well worth the trip, however, travelers, particularily those in motorhomes would not enjoy the eight miles of bad road, and some would probably just not make it.
To the State of Kansas I say, "You have something unique here, make the way a little easier so that travelers can enjoy it!"

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