Saturday, July 6, 2013

July 4th 2013 visit to Shattuck Windmill Museum

July 4th started in Laverne at the centennial parade after pancake breakfast with Jim and Darla Waldrop. Then it was off to Shattuck in our Ford Retrac's for a quick lunch and then on to check out the Shattuck Windmill Museum.

Darla's checking the place out with her ever present Dr Pepper!

This old Soddy was really cool! This is a water wheel from an old mill and it seemed right at home with the windmills!

 From the dirt floor to this old bed, the soddy offered all the comforts of home; well, maybe 100 years ago!
Jim decided to take a break on one of several benches placed throughout the park area. 

The tour guide showed up to get us inside the Soddy. He was full of information in a fun way!

Don't they look like a honeymoon couple?

What on earth is that on the roof? Well, besides earth, there are some cow skulls and cactus!
Lots of windmills, each with a story to tell about the pioneer days in Oklahoma.

I was amazed at the size of some of these! 

This we were told is the Windmill Museum B and B and for a mere $3.60 per night you can get a room. There was no mention of amenities such as a bath room or air conditioning. The guide told us that is this was out of our budget we could get the Soddy for $2.00. I know where the bathroom was there!

The Shattuck Windmill Museum was well worth the stop. If you park out front you can tune your car radio in to hear all about the windmills, we enjoyed it a lot and will probably make a return visit in the fall when it's not quite so hot!

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