Monday, June 23, 2014

Waynoka Snake Hunt 2014

Every year Waynoka hosts it's Annual Rattle Snake Hunt the first weekend after Easter.

measuring snakes on Sunday to award the prizes!
This is my great grandson catching his very first ever snake! Thanks to Terry Bixler and his grandson for taking him and teaching him the art of snake catching! And, yes, if you know the right folks, you can get someone to take you hunting as well. 

Snake Hunt is not just about snakes! Some great entertainment is going on most of the time during the event.

And of course there are fun things for the youngsters too. This is my great nephew and my niece with his first ever merry-go-round ride! 

Bryce, Hannah and Ashlyn enjoyed getting to know one another and learning a little about snakes. I thought this was a little too close for comfort, but they were smiling. The snakes are kept in a pit area so visitors can see them and watch the handlers during the weekend.

Brandon Eslick, a snake hunter and handler as well as one of the team that brings the successful event to Waynoka every year, and his young son with one of the BIG rattlers!


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